Meet Ashley – Class of 2012 – Southlake Senior Photographer

Meet Ashley.  She clearly wins the prize for traveling the longest distance for her senior portraits!  She came all the way from Emporia, Kansas!  I have known Ashley since the day she was born (I was a mere child : )) And she has grown into a BEAUTIFUL lady!  We were so happy to see her and her parents and can’t wait for her to see her gallery!  This is an example of our “Local” session!  Enjoy!

Erin & Bjorn – Dallas Engagements – White Rock Lake – Dallas Wedding Photographer

Hello Friends!  Meet our awesome couple Erin and Bjorn.  Erin is one of our local vendor friends from BBJ Linens, where they provide many of our wedding couples with awesome linens for their weddings!  This sweet couple is getting ready for a fabulous wedding in Santa Fe!  Here are just a few of our favorites from their session!!  Can’t believe you are getting married in a month!!  Congratulations!

Melanie Lott - July 5, 2011 - 5:47 pm

Gorgeous photos! One of my MOST favorite couples!

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Cheryl and Blake – DMA Wedding – Dallas Wedding Photographer

This couple was a ton of fun!  They jumped in White Rock Lake….in a wedding dress and tux for their Save the Date images!!  That is when we knew this was going to be a FUN wedding!!!  They had a dj for the dinner music, then the hair band Poison Cherry came on stage…..the guests loved them!  Cheryl and Blake are into running….so at the end of the night, they laced up their running shoes and literally “ran away” from the reception!

We had a dream team of vendors on this one!

Wedding and Reception:  Dallas Museum of Art

Planner:  Shari Johns with As you Wish

Floral:  Stacey Murdoch with The Wildflower

Cakes: Fancy Cakes by Lauren

Band: Poison Cherry

DJ: Randal Stout Entertainment

Videographer: Hakim Sons Films

Linens: BBJ Linens

Meet Robert….2011 Covenant Christian Academy Senior! Colleyville Senior Photographer

Sweet Baby Sophia! Southlake Baby Photographer

Meet Sophia, she is SUCH a beautiful baby!  Wouldn’t you love to have her pretty lips?!  Enjoy!!

F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m
S e n i o r s   -   F a c e b o o k