Who ARE these people?!

Well, I am ReJana and my husband is Mike and we have a 5 year old daughter named Macie.  (She is five going on 25 by the way!)   First and foremost we are a family and secondly…..we are fun-loving photographers!  We love to shoot people!!  Well, you know what I mean!  There is nothing better than laughing, having fun, making real moments….all things we do when we are working behind our cameras!!  We have been getting paid to be behind the camera for the past six years!  We were behind cameras for many years before, however, we only got paid with compliments and an occasional meal!  We get to do what we love, we get to see smiles on our clients faces (and occasionally tears of joy!!) and we get to make a living doing it…..it doesn’t get much better than that!  Mike loves running (uh me….not so much), golf, sand volleyball (do you see a trend here?!?) pretty much anything outdoors and athletic.  I on the hand, love margaritas, reality TV, a GREAT handbag and of course shoes (see a trend here?!) well….we balance each other out very well!  We both love watching our daughter dance and sing, traveling, mexican food, live concerts, and we like to laugh…a lot.


Who are you?

You are a mom, dad, daughter, or son (did we get everyone?!) who likes to have a great time, likes to try to new things and wants some incredible art to hang on your wall, show on your facebook page or display in your office.  You want original moments captured, cool angles, and imagery that takes you back to a specific moment in time.  You want to remember important times of your life!  Oh, and you want to have some fun and laughs doing it.  You like to smile….well at least when provoked!!


What we do:

We are international, award winning photographers (impressive….huh?!)  Well that is the “formal” stuff…..we photograph a lot of incredible people and we love them all.  We started our business photographing weddings, engagements and bridals 100% of the time, and have certainly evolved over time.  When you photograph weddings, you suddenly have clients who want you to photograph maternity images, newborns and family portraits…..well, you can see where this has taken us!  We now regularly photograph Weddings, High School Seniors, Family Portraits, Corporate Events, Commercial Product Work, Private Parties, Headshots and of course Newborns and Kiddos!  In addition, we photograph for three magazines in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  So yes, we stay busy and we love it.



We always tell our wedding couples…..make sure you “like” your wedding photographers, because you will spend more time with us on the day of your wedding, than the person you are marrying : )  And that is pretty true!!  We are real people, we believe in being genuine.  We are pretty laid back and can certainly adapt and change plans at the drop of a hat (which is often a necessity in this business), but we also take the lead and help guide and direct when the time is right.  As I mentioned, we laugh, we cry (well I tend to be the one to cry at weddings!!) we have fun.  You will definitely see us singing along to the music, and maybe even throw in a little dance move here and there!  But don’t worry, at weddings, we won’t be in your face all night, we are there to document an amazing event, and let you enjoy the party!



We aren’t the most expensive and we aren’t the cheapest!  We fall somewhere in the middle.  We want you to get a great product for the money and feel good about your investment.  And don’t worry, we don’t charge enough to have a second home in Tahiti or anything like that…..although that would be a nice perk!

Professional Associations and Memberships:

We are members of PPA – Professional Photographers of America, WPPI – Wedding Photographers International, TPPA – Texas Professional Photographers Association, as well as several local Wedding Organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.  We are also members of the Southlake Chamber of Commerce and proudly sponsor many local athletic, academic, civic and non-profit organizations.

Interesting fact…..are you wondering why there is sand on my knee in our family photo at the top of the page?  Well, that is what happens when you take a family vacation, and can’t find a professional photographer to hire on the island you visit.  This image was taken with a timer, a rock, and yours truly running like a crazy woman to get in the frame!  Yes, I could have photoshopped the sand….but that would take all the fun out of it!  Right?!

Megan Beason - June 23, 2014 - 10:04 am

We are new to the area. My son is turning three on Thursday and we are needing family pics. A friend referred me to you guys so I hope to hear from you soon.

Rosario Medina - October 9, 2016 - 1:38 pm

Hello Sir, I need you to email me the password to retrieve my daughter’s pictures. Elizabeth Medina Miss Hunt County 2016.
I was trying to retrieve the pictures and accidentally hit delete to my email.
My email is rosaritomedina@hotmail.com
Thank you,

Rosario Medina

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