Kelsie & Bennett – Adolphus Wedding

Meet Kelsie and Bennett….such a fun couple with great families and wonderful friends!  We were so honored to photograph their amazing wedding at the Adolphus!  They had a full weekend of events!  It started with an amazing bridesmaids luncheon at the French Room in the Adolphus, moved on to a rehearsal dinner at Five Sixty – Wolfgang Pucks restaurant and then on to the detail laden wedding day!  They had friends and family who joined them from all over the US and a ton of friends from OU!  We couldn’t possibly squeeze all of the beautiful details into this post, but we included a few.  They had children playing bells, junior bridesmaids carrying Here Comes the Bride banners, custom runners and so much more!  We loved this wedding and hope you do too!  It took a team of incredible vendors to pull this one off!  Here are our friends who made it happen!

Planner: Molly Rasmussen

Venue: The Adolphus

Floral: Stacey Murdoch at The Wildflower

Band: Downtown Fever

Lighting: LeForce Entertainment

Cakes: Fancy Cakes by Lauren

Hair/Makeup: Anita Haar with Elan

Video: Michael Mohan

Ceremony music and gospel band: Denton Baptist Church

Rehearsal Dinner: Wolfgang Puck Catering


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